Paweł Stawicki

Head chef Paweł Stawicki, has been associated with Mercato since 2011. He developed his cooking style combining modern and classic techniques in restaurants such as The Greenhouse (2 Michelin stars), MAAEMO (3 Michelin stars) and Atelier Amaro (1 Michelin star). Thanks to winning the Achimagirus Tradycja &Nowoczesność (Tradition &Modernity) 2019 competition, in November this year he will also undergo a stage at André Chiang’s restaurant RAW in Taiwan. Although he likes to use many interesting products from around the world, he remains dedicated to local culinary traditions. Therefore he combines using both, which was always been the essence of Gdańsk cuisine and uses the history of the city as an inspiration and takes care that it does not go into oblivion.

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Throughout centuries all of Gdansk resembled a marketplace. Some names of streets, squares and markets still reminisce of that to this day within the city, but some of them have been forgotten and hidden in the archives. When modernity overwrites history, these names continue to diminish, and with that so does the memory of the commercial splendor of this unique port city.