For centuries, Gdansk’s cuisine has been completely different from the rest of Poland. Since Gdansk has always been a port city, you could find here ingredients and spices from all over the world, which inhabitants of Gdańsk were eager to use. That is why we refer to this story. Not so much for dishes, but products.


We change the menu according to seasons, and for our chef, it is not only the taste that counts but also the form of serving. Mercato is one of the most awarded and appreciated restaurants in Gdańsk, with the largest selection of wines and spirits in the region.

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Throughout centuries all of Gdansk resembled a marketplace. Some names of streets, squares and markets still reminisce of that to this day within the city, but some of them have been forgotten and hidden in the archives. When modernity overwrites history, these names continue to diminish, and with that so does the memory of the commercial splendor of this unique port city.